The following six-steps are a basic outline of what is recommended for faculty members who believe students have engaged in academic or research misconduct. Faculty members who have questions regarding the student disciplinary process and the reporting procedures can refer to these procedures.

  1. Arrange for an opportunity to meet with the student and discuss your conclusions.
  2. Allow the student to provide their side of the story, and ask if they admit or deny responsibility for the misconduct.
    • For steps 1 and 2, click here for sample language you can use when emailing or discussing the allegation with a student. 
  3. If they deny responsibility, do not yet assign a grade for the assignment or course (leave grade as N for grade processing).
  4. If they admit the misconduct, you may assign a grade according to your discretion and what you may have outlined in your syllabus.
  5. Refer the case and information to the Dean of Students Office, including related materials such as emails, exams, essays, & websites.
  6. When an outcome is determined by the Dean of Students Office, you will be notified and apprised of the conclusions.

To submit a referral for an allegation of academic misconduct, please complete the reporting form found here, including all documentation.