The Student Code of Conduct provides students/student organizations the right to appeal the original decision resolving their student disciplinary charges under specific grounds, as noted below and further explained in the Appeals sections of the Code of Conduct. Disagreement with the decision is not considered legitimate grounds for appeal.

The method of submitting an appeal of a student conduct decision is the completion and submission of the form linked at the bottom of this page.

Following receipt of the appeal form within the deadline indicated, the Office of Student Conduct (OSC) will schedule a separate three-member appeal panel as soon as practicable, drawn from the membership of the full Student Conduct Hearing Board. The appeal panel’s responsibility is limited to determining whether any of the grounds for appeal identified are present. The appellant will receive notification of the appeal panel’s decision. In cases involving multiple parties (respondent and complainant), the decision will also be shared with the other party.

Grounds for an appeal

Students can submit an appeal of their disciplinary decision based on one or more of the below grounds. Appellants must identify the ground(s) for appeal and provide any supporting material for the appeal panel's consideration.

  1. Substantial procedural error that materially affected the outcome (e.g., hearing process was not in conformity with university procedures);
  2. The decision was arbitrary and capricious or constituted an abuse of discretion (i.e., the initial decision has no reasonable basis and was not based upon consideration of relevant factors);
  3. There is new evidence presented that was not reasonably available at the time of the hearing and is relevant to establishing whether it is more likely than not that the respondent is responsible for the violation; and/or
  4. The sanctions imposed are outside the university’s sanction range for such violations and/or not justified in light of the totality of the circumstances.

Deadline for filing an appeal

Within seven calendar days following notification of the student disciplinary case decision, a student must complete and submit this form in its entirety in order for it to be considered a properly filed appeal. If a student believes they submitted an incomplete or inaccurate appeal, they may choose to redo and resubmit the completed/corrected form by the deadline. Any issues completing the form should be addressed to the Student Conduct staff assigned to the matter.

File review

Complainants and respondents may review the associated disciplinary file (including any recordings of a Student Conduct Hearing Board, if applicable) at the Office of Student Conduct. Please call 515-294-1020 or contact your hearing officer to schedule this review.

Completion of form

By completing the form in the link below, you are acknowledging that you have reviewed and are familiar with all conditions for filing an appeal as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.  By submitting this form, you are acknowledging that the information provided in your appeal is truthful and accurate.

Please collect all relevant information and documentation prior to submitting the appeal form. Appeals not submitted by the deadline will not be considered. Fill out the appeal form.